Hiring a Maid Service: My Experience

I can keep in mind the very first time I chose to work with cleaning aid. I was mainly expecting my fourth child, with a two-year-old at home throughout the day also. I was functioning a couple of afternoons a week outside the house and full time from the home of maintaining my fledgling creating profession airborne. My other half was operating in one more state for weeks at once, occasionally just home five or six days a month. I was managing, yet I was irritated and stressed out.

I had taken a card marketing cleaning service for a maid service in Cincinnati,  from the food store bulletin board, weeks previously but had been putting off making the phone call. It felt virtually ludicrous to work with someone ahead clean our rather poor rental house, mainly when our budget was tight. And also indulgent, also; probably not the example my mother (who made ends satisfy on a way-below-poverty-level earnings) would ever before have considered doing. However, I believed that if I can just get someone to find a couple of times, I could be able to get in advance again, enough to let things go until after the baby came without obtaining your house condemned by the health division.

So I called the number, as well as an attractive female, Cyndi, addressed the phone. Cyndi was a mama herself, searching for the adaptable job she can manage around her husband’s schedule so they can prevent paying for childcare for their toddler child. I chatted a mile a minute on the call, rattling off all the conditions that had resulted in making the call. I warranted myself for a high three mins, intending to make sure she understood that I had not been just kicking back consuming bonbons throughout the day, I had not been lazy, I had not been elitist, I had not been spoiled. I simply needed help.

Cyndi tidied up for us 3 hours a week, each week, for five or 6 months, until after Owen was birthed and also Jon started working close to the house. However, I no longer needed to make choices like: “Will’s napping; should I service that write-up that’s due tomorrow, or aim to press my swollen body behind the bathroom?”

We have moved twice because Owen was birthed, and have had cleansing help occasionally given that, generally when things are especially hectic (book agreements, an additional brand-new child). Today we get on our lengthiest job with constant cleansing aid– Lynda, our present house cleaner, has been coming twice a month, 3-4 hrs each time, for regarding a year (with occasional breaks of a month here or there when getaways or various other occasions showed up.).


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5 Tips for Buying a Baby Shower Gift

Baby shower gifts can often be difficult to buy. Everyone somehow ends up buying the same size clothes or the same baby products. Now, there are things that a mom can never have enough of like baby wipes and diapers, but when you buy a baby shower gift from this list, try to be a bit more creative. To help you with your gift buying we have some tips.

  1. Don’t buy newborn clothes – Babies grow fast. Chances are the parents already have some newborn clothes that will be sufficient for the short period it will fit the baby. Rather opt for clothing of older ages and bigger sizes.
  2. Buy things that are practical – A good idea is to ask the parents what they need. Maybe they have not been able to buy an important piece of equipment or furniture. Maybe need some extra diapers. If it is a big and expensive thing that they need, club together with some friends and get them what they need. Toys are not always practical as they may again receive a lot of the same stuff.
  3. Vouchers are a good idea – If you are unsure what the parents may need, consider a voucher for a baby store. The parents can use vouchers to buy whatever they don’t get as gifts from other friends and family.
  4. Don’t forget the mum – Mum has been carrying a baby and suffering through all kinds of physical pains for months. She deserves some pampering before the baby comes. Put together a box of the mum’s favourite things like sweets, bath salts, candles, spa vouchers, etc. Anything that she would enjoy and would make her feel good.
  5. Give something handmade – If you are good with your hands and can draw or build things, create something unique. Room décor, special words, a special picture, etc. are all really great and thoughtful ideas.

As long as you stick to practical and take into consideration what the parents may need, you will be on track with buying a great gift. A personal touch is always a winner, so keep that in mind too.

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Baby Essentials: What Must Every Baby Have?

All new parents wonder what exactly they need to buy to be fully prepared for their new baby. To take away some of the guesswork, we came up with a short list of essentials that all babies need. If you have these things, you will be well-prepared when your baby arrives. You can have fun setting up the nursery and filling it with wonderful things from Truly Madly Baby.

Your baby needs the following:

  1. Clothing – This goes without saying, but you should make sure that you have enough of different types of clothes. Ask your friends and family to buy different ages and different types of clothing for different seasons.
  2. Furniture and equipment – Furniture for the nursery include a crib and a mattress. You will also need baby seats for feeding and in the car. A stroller for when you go out. A changing table is also necessary to make sure you can change your baby’s clothes and diapers without a problem.
  3. Food – For the first few months, you will be breastfeeding. After that, you will need bottles for formula of the milk that you pump. You will also need formula that is suitable for your baby’s age and nutritional needs. Eventually, you will need to buy soft foods and solid foods to help baby grow and get strong.
  4. Diapers – Diapers are definitely an essential. Your baby will need lots of them. You will also need to diaper rash ointment, baby wipes, and disposal bags. Baby powder can also be a nice thing to have.
  5. Bath and skin products – You should buy products that are made specifically for your baby’s sensitive skin. Truly Madly Baby has the best options for your baby’s skin. You will need soap, shampoo, bum cream, skin cream, baby oil, and soft cloths. We also recommend organic blankets to swaddle them in before bed, as it helps them stay warm and feel safe!

These essentials will get you through the day. If you are working on a tight budget then this is what you want to focus on. Anything outside of this list you should be able to get along without.…

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Tips for Buying Baby Products for your Newborn

Expecting a baby is one of the most amazing things in the world. Many first-time mums get a bit nervous about preparing for when the baby comes. We are here to help you get rid of all the jitters and nerves. Today, we want to share a few important things that you need to buy your newborn baby.


Your baby will need some clothes for the hospital and to leave the hospital. The important thing to remember is that your baby will grow very fast and won’t need too many pieces if newborn clothing. For tips on buying your baby clothes, read this article.


You will need lots and lots of diapers. It is a good idea to start buying diapers from the second trimester. If you buy a bag of diapers every month for different ages, you will get a head start. Babies go through many diapers on a daily basis and you should be well-stocked.

Crib and Sheets

Your baby will need a safe place to sleep where they won’t roll out or fall out. A sturdy crib with high rails that can be shifted is a good buy. You will find many great options made from different materials. You can find the most amazing sheets of the softest fabrics to make your baby sleep peacefully.

Baby Tub

To safely bathe your baby, you will need some kind of baby tub. Non-slip and small enough for you to hold your newborn and safely bathe him or her is the best. Your newborn baby will not have a lot of strength and you will need to hold them and bathe them at the same time.


Even when you’re breastfeeding you will need bottles as the baby gets older. You can pump milk to feed your baby at a later stage in the day. You will also need a bottle brush and the right cleaning products.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes will also be handy. They can be used to clean up any mess and is also good for cleaning your baby’s bottom.

These basic things should get you a good start on baby supplies. Your newborn will be set and as you go along you can add things as you need them.

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