I am Truly Madly !!

I say that as I chose to join the company a few weeks before I was due my first child! It turned out to be the best decision as it gave me my sanity back when I was at home with my son after being used to working all the hours in my ‘day’ job. I love everything about the products and the fact that I can choose my own work schedule helped me to decide to concentrate working on this instead of returning back to work after maternity leave.

Now everyone likes freebies, and since working as a consultant for Truly Madly Baby & Truly Madly Kid, I literally have had hundreds of pounds worth of products for free, so my son is one happy little chappy !

Benefits for me? I have not gone back to my ‘day’ job, I can still treat myself and my family with the commission that I earn and I have met a lot of lovely people from events I have attended.

I recently decided to try and be a manager and with the help of the lovely ladies who I recruited, I achieved this a few months ago so now I have a toddler, a husband and a team to look after (I am sure you already know which one takes the most looking after heehee)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, if you are thinking of doing something like this, why not give it a go? I love it and I can’t see why I would ever want to leave…… ah but I have to be honest and must tell you there is a downside….. all these lovely baby products can make you want another 

Ruth Smith aka Truly Madly Baby & Truly Madly Kid Leeds

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One Response to I am Truly Madly !!

  1. Natasha says:

    I joined Truly Madly Baby/Kid after holding my own party in December, the products are lovely and worth the money as they last alot longer than most.

    I can work the hours i want to and i can fit it in around my children and partner working, its abit of extra cash which is always helpful.

    I highly reccommend becoming a consultant!